We made it!!!

Well, after roughly 6 months in the making we have touched down in Phnom Penh, I know this may sound a little premature but I think I am in love with the city already!!! It really is one of those truly authentic Asian cities where life still happens out on the streets, you see whole families cooking up their dinner out on the footpath, children playing, men playing and betting on cards and street vendors cooking up amazing feasts for the people of the neighborhood. I have been busy getting $2 hair cuts, buying a Scooter, setting up phones and internet and of course EATING!!!!

I have been to Cambodia 2 times prior to this trip however I am genuinely surprised at how friendly the locals are and still so happy to see you, seemingly still untainted by tourism and tourists. There is nothing as warm as a Cambodian smile!

BP has found a fight gym and I have found a yoga studio, prices are almost what you would pay in Australia but it is slim pickings so we are just grateful that the facilities are here.

Now to find our home!!! Will keep you all posted on that one next week.


The look on BP's face as the street barber chopped away all his hair, it was priceless, he now has a very ‘Cambodian’ hair style and people have been throwing around a few Hitler comments on FB, its growing on him :-)

We have also been enjoying some of the cities restaurants and particularly some of her street food, it is all so ridiculously cheap. I am talking USD5-7 for 2 main meals and 2 drinks in restaurants and even cheaper if you are enjoying street food - I love it and I can’t see us doing a great deal of cooking!


Natura Organic Cafe
Located on St 240 at Hotel 240.
Highlight - The Mango smoothy, to die for!
Price range - USD5-10 for a main USD3 for Mango Smoothie

TIP - This street is very popular with tourists. I went through all the boutiques and nothing really took my fancy though, will have to keep hunting further afield but worth checking out. Also along this street is a cafe/bakery called ‘That Shop’ and her sister shop ‘That Chocolate Shop’ both worth a look.



Favourite so far is:

Rehab Craft

#10A St 322

Non-Prifit NGO run by, and for Cambodians with Disabilities. I got a cute bag made out of old cement bages USD6. It is so bright and colourful and as Kristy would say, 'It's very Ducky'. (read not to everyones taste hahaha)



We are staying at the Blue Tongue Hotel and I can recommend it, our room is adequate although hot water seems to be missing! Staff are amazing and super friendly, great location with a lot happening within walking distance. No complaints, we have until next Monday here and hope to have an apartment by then.

ST 172 Just down from Walkabout pub.

To book a hotel in Phnom Penh check out this link!


This week I have also started a 21 day Meditation challenge that was gifted to me by my beautiful friend Toula so getting right into that as well, todays mantra - I see abundance all around me - quite fitting really.

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With gratitude,

Ducky xoxo

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