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Firstly, thank you all so much for your positive responses to last weeks blog which talked about a pretty controversial subject - Sex Tourism. If you missed it you can check it out here http://www.urbanforage.co/node/22 . I really appreciate your support and feedback and I am glad it was thought provoking!

This brings me to this week’s blog which I thought I would make a little lighter by bringing you some random things I have discovered during my move to Cambodia as well as a short video of our life so far. Enjoy :-)

TOP 5 practical TIPS as discovered by moi for those thinking of visiting or even moving to Cambodia:

1. You probably won't need to bring your goggles (still not entirely sure how they made their way into my suitcase!)

2. Cambodians will take 22 minutes to tell you something you would probably say in 20 seconds. Like my neighbour and landlord discussing the fact that I needed a new light bulb in my kitchen... honestly, they discussed it for 22 minutes... ahhhh patience :-)

3. It's not as scary as you think it is going to be. Everyone keeps telling me to be very, very careful. I haven't felt unsafe yet. I do feel scared for the people who do pickpocket or steal. This is looked down upon and street justice seems to be the solution. All you will need to yell is "JIAO, JIAO" and apparently people will come running to inflict said street justice! (Hope I don't have to try that one out).

4. Street names and street numbers are insignificant. You will need to discribe your location by landmark. EG. I am meeting my Kmher friend tonight '2-3 houses from ANZ Royal Bank along Sithoway Square'. Hmmm got it?

5. Be prepared to eat, especially once you make some Khmer friends! I go to the stall across from my house (where the cute baby in my video lives) to buy tissues and get offered dinner with the family! Diet... what diet!

As promised here is a little visual loving for you. Hope you have had a fab week, SHARE my post, get your friends to sign up and sign up if you haven't done so yet and look out for next weeks blog - I am tackling another controversial issue!






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I love her wholesome approach to food, life and adventure, and it's a highlight of my week to follow her travels to places I'd rather be.

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