Inside Phnom Penh is a practical guide for those people moving to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with the aim of working in the Kingdom's capital, doing a sabbatical, volunteering, living and working location independent or simply traveling as a local as opposed to a tourist.

It will give you inside information from someone who lives there as an expat. It has over 50 well researched topics on everything you will need to know from shipping, wellness retreats, supermarkets, language and receiving mail to expat communities, the best restaurants, short getaways, finding a job and Khmer cultural tips.

Here is a list of the topics covered:

Why choose Cambodia?
Why choose Phnom Penh?
Before you go
     Tying up at home
     What to bring
Once you arrive
     Khmer Cultural Tips
     Choosing where to live
     Finding an apartment/accommodation
     On arrival
     Long-stays at hotels or guesthouses
     Buying a property
     Expat communities
     Getting connected
     Hired help
     Setting up a bank account
     Weather - best times
     Public Holidays
     Transportation - getting around
     General Wellbeing
     Alcoholics Annonymous
     Let’s talk about sex
     LGBT Scene in Cambodia
     Siem Reap
     The Islands
Responsible Travel
Finding employment
     Possible jobs
Safety and security
Emergency numbers
      Our actual budget
Travel Tales
      Kep Yoga Retreat
      Cambodia’s South Coast
      Koh Rong Samloem

If you have a Kindle, Inside Phnom Penh is also available on Amazon

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Praise for the MAMA!!!!

A great, simple to understand (and surprisingly humorous) guide to starting out in Cambodia. Gets all the essentials out of the way (like how to obtain visas, what to pack and what hard to find items to bring) then moves straight to restaurants, doctors, accommodation and all the other important stuff you'll need to know once you get there. The book also includes short sections on things like good tailors, finding employment, how much you should budget in the first month and the LGBT scene. The result is a guide that dodges the commercialism of other guidebooks and talks to you like your best friend is showing you round their hometown, complete with personal happy snaps to illustrate points and random tips from the Author's own experience. Read this and you'll be well set up to land on your feet and walk like a local, not one of 2 Million tourists that have a Lonely Planet and never get off the beaten path. Nick - Australia

What a great guide book, not just if you're moving to Cambodia, but anywhere in Asia, anywhere in the world actually, so many great moving tips that you forget in the heat of the moment. Wish I'd had this before I moved to New York in January!!
But really can't wait to get back to Cambodia one day now, it was only 3 days about 12 years ago, and clearly only scratched the PP / Angkor Wat surface, can't wait to explore the islands. Great book, a great read, from a truly great traveller/explorer/writer/forager. Melissa - New York, USA

I really lived the layout of this book's content and in particular the tips around things like tea towels... Did
you know they are hard to find in Cambodia? The photos and real life stories really make me trust the advice in this book and I've written my list of what to do based on this! Can't wait to get there now! Dana - Brisbane, Australia

I hope you enjoy Inside Phnom Penh and would love to hear from you!

Ducky xoxo


I love her wholesome approach to food, life and adventure, and it's a highlight of my week to follow her travels to places I'd rather be.

- Kelly, Brisbane, Australia

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