Koh Rong Samloem

Have you been to paradise? Well I just went!!!

To be honest my expectations of Koh Rong Samloem, which is located 2 hours boat ride off Sihanoukville on the south coast of Cambodia, were pretty low after being disappointed by the amount of rubbish on the beach at Koh Ta Kiev but boy was I in for a surprise!

Unsure of which island to visit next, the toss up was between Koh Rong Samloem and it’s neighbour Koh Rong, we opted for the former after reading that it is the prettiest of the two and much quieter than the backpacker party island Koh Rong. There are only a handful of accommodation options on the island with most of them focused around diving.

The Dive Shed

ACCOMMODATION - The newest addition to the island is the Koh Rong Villas, only built in March 2013 they are a work in progress but we found them to be perfectly adequate and there is certainly alot of potential there.

Our thatched roof bungalow had mozzie nets and an ensuite bathroom, although the water was a little hit and miss... sometimes there - sometimes not! All electricity on the island is by generator so you will have limited time in the evenings with lighting in your room and this never seemed to be at the same time - take a torch!

The owners are a Japanese lady and her Khmer partner who have grand plans for the villas. Eventually they want to be solar powered, they want a private deluxe villa located on the rocks, a tepanyaki restaurant... the list goes on.

The other option on this side of the island is the M'Pey Bey Bungalows however these ones are a step down, quite basic with shared bathroom facilities and the cheaper price reflects this... check them both out and make up your mind from there!

Located on the other side of the island you will find Lazy Beach and while I didn't get to check these out personally I have only heard good accounts from people who have stayed there so worth checking out. NOTE - Be sure your boat will drop you off here as I have heard of some operators taking your money, dropping you on the wrong side of the island and then trying to charge you more to get around to Lazy Beach!

THINGS TO DO - The majority of the people staying were divers or beginner divers getting their certification. If you aren’t into diving you are able to go out snorkeling for the bargain price of $5, you can stay back at the beach (which you will have to yourself!), you can head to the small fishing village at the far end of the beach or just lay on your balcony in your hammock with a good book!

DINING - Dining options are limited. The villas offer breaky for $4, buffet lunch for $5 and buffet dinner for $6. The lunches and dinners were top quality and great value however the $4 breaky was a little lacking. You can head down to the village for some local fare although this has been very ‘westernified’ with options of fried rice with veg or pork, noodles with veg or pork. Being located literally over the water it would be great to have some fresh seafood options but alas... not as yet.

COST - The return boat ticket from Sihanoukville will cost you $10. The Villas have 2 types of accommodation - the bungalows are $25/night and there are share ‘dorms’ which are located in tents and are $5/night

BOOKINGS - If you are thinking of heading over you can check out Koh Rong Samloem Villas website HERE for booking enquiries. For Lazy Beach click HERE

BEST FOR - Divers, people looking to get away from it all, couples.

DUCKY’S TIP - Head out into the ocean at night to see the phosphoresces light up in the water around you! Also you can take a couple of beers out on the boat with the night divers and have a beautiful sunset cruise!

Sunset from the night dive boat

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