Cambodia's South Coast - Kep

A 3-4 hour bumpy bus ride from Phnom Penh down to the Cambodia's south coast you will find the sleepy seaside village that feels like time has forgotten, the blissful Kep.

A world away from the hustle and bustle of Phnom Penh, it is a place where it would be extremely hard not to relax, it is probably for this reason that so many expats escape down for weekend getaways and this is one of the reasons that this is my new fave place in SE Asia... Foodie. Relaxing. Heaven.

Kep is a small village that feels like it has only one looping road, it is easy to get around on foot, push bike or scooter. On our free day we wandered from the crab market around the point to the 'town'. A lovely walk (recommended) and takes a half an hour or so if you stop to take pics.

Pic from the walk from the crab markets to 'town'

If someone were to ask me what there is to do in Kep I would tell them a whole lot of nothing - and that is the beauty of it! Yes, there is the National park to explore, the art deco spooky ruins of the days when this was the playground of the rich and famous to photograph, the famous crab markets, plenty of quality restaurant choices and the 2 token beauty salons but really the aim of any visit to Kep would be for peace, quiet and relaxation.

Pic of one of the ruins, you are able to go up exploring through them although some now have families squatting in them

We stayed at The Vanna Hill Resort and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this hotel. Set a short tuk tuk ride or 10 minute walk up from the Crab Shacks on the mountain it exceeded my expectations with the quality of accommodation, the beautiful pool area, the tranquility and the friendliness of the staff. All rooms have sweeping views of the ocean and surrounding islands, it is peaceful and the rooms were well appointed.

Pool area at Vanna Hill Resort


TRAVEL - Bus from Phnom Penh to Kep - 4 hours, $6 and can be booked through any travel agent. When you arrive the cost of a tuk tuk to Vanna Hill from the bus stop is $2, don't pay more than $3.

STAY - Vanna Hill - $25-$70 per bungalow/night. To get up to date prices click HERE. To check out all the options check out Agoda - they have a best price guarantee and you earn points when you book through them that can be used for future travels. Check 'em out HERE

EAT - Plate of crab - $5-$12. Kimlys, Holy Crab and Sunrise are all great ‘crab shack’ options. L’Aberge de WAM for quality french, western and Asian. The fish wraps at Breezes Restaurant lived up to the hype! Tuk tuks will know these guys. Finally, head over to Veranda (a swanky 5 star hotel right next to Vanna Hill) for sunset cocktails or a beautiful dinner.

DO - Head out on foot to explore. Crab markets are best in the early morning and weekends are the busiest. Massage - $6. Aside from amazing cocktails the Sailing Club offers a good selection of watersports, relax :-)

HINT - Head to the Sailing Club for their happy hour daily from 5-7pm - $2 quality cocktails  and one of the best sunsets in the country. If you are after a party Kep is probably not for you, everything seems to shut down from 930pm.

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