Food, Glorious Cambodian Food!

I have been so pleasantly surprised by not only the calibre of the food here in Phnom Penh but the availability of just about any type of cuisine your taste buds desire. She really does boast the selection and quality to rival any capital city in the world!

As a result of this I have a confession...

I am a little embarrassed to admit that I have only cooked one dinner since our arrival here on Jan 7 but in my defense, in some instances, you can actually eat out cheaper than you can cook! The one time I did cook I managed to poison both BP and myself!!! Anyone who knows me knows may find this hard to believe, as I am usually happiest in the kitchen pottering away with a glass of vino, but it has just been so much fun going out and exploring all the culinary delights that this wonderful city has to offer.

I have come across so many hidden and not so hidden gems, from an authentic French Bistrot to a raw/vegan cafe to the best pizza I have sampled outside of Italy and thats not even touching on the delicious Cambodian food!

My daily meal plan usually consists of a traditional Cambodian breaky at the markets, lunch is either back at the markets or if I am at Yoga Phnom Penh we order in our raw/vegan feasts from ARTillery Cafe and enjoy it in the courtyard (recommend!) and dinner is bought in or dined out!

Top 7 culinary highlights so far:

Banh Hoi (rice noodle salad) at my local markets (HINT-we visit here on our Phnom Penh Insider Day Tour)

Pork belly at Rahu - worth the flight to Cambodia in itself, there are no words to describe!

Pizza handmade by Luigi at Piccola Italia

Croissants from Kiriya Cafe - warm and full of delicious (as well as the rockstar welcome you get on arrival)

BBQ at 54 Langeach Sros who have just opened 54 Langeach Sros II right near my house - WINNING!

Tapas at Tamarind

Amok at Laughing Fatman ($2 Mojitos bump this one up the list)

What should you budget for Cambodian food?

Breakfast will cost you $1-2 if you eat at the local markets, $3-5 at a restaurant.

Lunch will cost you $1-2 at the local markets and $3-10 at a restaurant

Dinner will be $2-4 at the local markets and $5-15 at a restaurant.

This is a rough guide, there are of course many more expensive restaurants however if you budget the above you should be just about on the money!

If you are interested in Cambodian food check out my culinary day tours and my 12 day retreat click HERE or hit me up in the comments section and be sure to SHARE this post with anyone you know who is heading over to Asia!

This post also got me thinking about some of the other amazing culinary experience I have had around the world. Pork knuckle in Munich, asado in Argentina, gelato in Italy, schnitzel in Austria, mom’s Christmas pudding, I could go on forever!!! If you had to pick one single meal you could go back and have again, maybe a ‘last meal ever’ choice what would it be and where? Come on - spill the beans below :-)



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