Cambodian Border Runs

If you do find yourself needing to do a Border Run to get out of Cambodia and come back in on a different visa (which we did... 2 times... don’t ask!!!) there are a couple of options; Vietnam or Koh Kong - Thailand.

We did our first border run to Saigon which was a fun excuse to see a little of another country. Buses to Saigon run regularly and are cheap. We paid USD14 each for the 12 hour trip and arranged it through a travel agent. We did the overnight bus and the bus had beds - how cool!!

Bus beds!

Visas for Vietnam cost USD58 per person and our accommodation was USD30 for 2 people including brekky. Unfortunately at the Cambodian border on the way back in we were not allowed to get the Ordinary Visa and we were forced to come back in on another Tourist Visa, something to bear in mind...

Our second border run was to Koh Kong. Again, this can be arranged through a travel agent - Recommended.

The bus to Koh Kong takes 6 hours, costs $10 each way, and departs 2 times a day. From Koh Kong the border is about 40 minutes away and you can get a tuk tuk to take you for $7 each way, quite a simple but time consuming process. You can overnight in Koh Kong - there are guesthouses all along the river front and they are roughly $15 a night for an air-conditioned room, $10 for a fan room. We stayed at Apex Resort and it was lovely with a great little pool!

I recommend this option over the Vietnam option - much quicker, cheaper, and easier.

If you are after more info on moving to Cambodia check out my book -Inside Phnom Penh: A Guide to Moving to the Kingdom's Capital!

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