Cambodian Beach Break

What an amazing weekend! To tell you the truth I was a little hesitant to head to Sihanoukville, Cambodia’s premier beach destination and one that has been pegged to be the next Phuket, boy am I glad I did it anyway!!!

After speaking to a few expats who use Sihanoukville, or Snooky as it is affectionately know, as their weekend playground I opted for the much quieter Otres Beach, located to the east of the popular party beach - Ochheuteal.  

Being the diligent traveler that I am I had booked the Sea Garden Bungalows in advance given that it was the Vietnamese and Chinese New Years weekend however due to a very late (4 hours late) bus when we arrived at midnight there was no one to be seen. We dialed the emergency number and 10 minutes later one of the owners arrived on his moto only to tell us that he had no booking for us and that they were fully booked. I double checked my confirmation and yep - I had certainly booked us.... for the following weekend!!! The owner Steve and his wife were AMAZING - they set us up in one of the chill out huts, made us up a bed and even strung up a mozzie net for us!! What amazing service - we were hooked already!

The following day they checked us into our bungalow which was a rustic, thatched roof hut equip with a fan and mozzie net. These bungalows reminded me of a Thailand I fell in love with years ago. Otres beach itself is lovely and quiet, it is simply dotted along with 10-15 odd guesthouses, there are limited vendors selling their wares, massage and bbqs on the beach (although the food at Sea Garden is hard to beat) - a very laid back, relaxed feel.

The next couple of days were spent mostly relaxing. We did take in an awesome day tour - DC’s Tour. DC is an American guy with his own boat which he takes out daily and offers what is considered by the locals as the best day tour out of Snooky and after doing it I would have to agree. You have options throughout the day of cliff jumping, spear fishing, snorkeling or just lazing around in the ocean. There is an amazing feast prepared for your lunch which is also included and he has a bar and music on board ($0.75 beers!). Such a fun day.

New to saturday nights is the Otres Night Market - what a great idea. There are stalls selling their wares, food stalls a bar and an open mic. It has a real community/Woodstock feel about it and it is easy to while away the hours with fellow travelers.

Our 3 nights here did not feel like anywhere near long enough however I get the feeling that no matter how long you stayed you would wish for more time. I personally recommend Otres beach and particularly Sea Garden Bungalows. All of the staff there blew us away with their friendliness and willingness to help, I really can’t speak highly enough of them.

The Urban Forage low down:

Bus from Phnom Penh to Snooky - $10

Tuk tuk from bus station to Otres Beach (15 mins) - $5

1 night at Sea Garden $21

DC’s Tour - $15

TIP - Go for a little night swim at Otres and marvel as the ocean lights up around you. Thousands of plankton illuminate as you move through the water, it is like nothing I have ever seen and reminded me of something out of a Sci Fi movie.

I am including a 3 night stay here at the end of my Cambodia Retreat - You can click HERE to see the full itinerary I have started to take bookings so just let me know if you are interested - It’s going to be AWESOME!

Have your travels ever gone wrong only to go so incredibly right? Hit me up in the comments section below - would love to hear about it!

Ducky xo




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