My Cambodian Island Home!

I am so excited to write this weeks blog as I have started my exploration of Cambodia’s islands!

First stop - Koh Ta Kiev. How could I go wrong with an island with a name that conjured up thoughts of breaded chicken stuffed with lashings of garlic butter?

Located off the south coast of Cambodia you will find the little visited Koh Ta Kiev and if you want to see it in all it’s deserted jungle glory you better get in quick! The majority of the island has now been sold off to Chinese and French investors who have started their developments  by clearing a huge stretch of jungle through the middle of the island to make way for the highway that will run onto the $40,000,000 bridge that will zip people from the airport to the brand new shiny casino - you get the drift...

But for now it has only 4 sets of rustic bungalows and a remote fishing village, the perfect getaway from the relaxed hustle of downtown Sihanoukville. We opted for Ten 103 Treehouse Bungalows on a recommendation from Johan the Absinthe distiller.

The boat ride out to the island took around 45 minutes from our pick up at Otres Beach, cost $13 and is organised through the bungalows themselves. Upon arrival I checked into my treehouse ‘The Flying Fox’ and to say they are rustic is a little bit of an understatement. You will have to climb up a wooden ladder to get to your open air room (mozzie nets included), there are only shared squatter toilets, your shared shower is a bucket of water with a scoop and there is only electricity at the bar for charging your electronics between the hours of 6-10pm. Having said that I felt like I had an over-water bungalow without the price tag, it is the kind of place where you can’t help but relax and has one of the best sunsets I have seen since my arrival in Cambodia.


Activities include snorkeling, fishing, there is a beach however I found parts of it to be quite dirty with litter that had washed up, the area near my bungalow however was amazing with beautiful clear water, kayaking or you can do what we opted for and walk across the island, through the jungle to arrive at the local fishing village. Our walk only took about 40 minutes and we were welcomed into a local home where we spent the day eating what was possibly the best blue swimmer crab of my life, drinking beer with the locals and, as is custom in Cambodia, the inevitable singing of karaoke and dancing. What a day! We had thankfully arranged for the bungalows boat to come by and pick us up and take us home after we had had more than our fill. The whole day ended up costing us a whopping $13 each!

The Fishing Village

The food selection available at Ten 103 is small but sufficient and we found the quality to be good.

We stayed for 2 nights - 1 night would have been too short.

Best for - people looking to relax and do a whole lot of nothing, the intrepid traveler, couples and groups of friends.

Not so good for - people who like their creature comforts, families with small kids, people looking to party hard.

The Tree House!

Cost - From $7 (for a hammock) through to $25 (for a tree house with balcony), nightly food special is $8.50, a beer was $1.50 and a cocktail was around $4.50 and up.

HINT - Take a torch, mozzie repellent, a lighter and snack food.

Where’s your favourite island? Hit me up in the comments section and let me know!


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I love her wholesome approach to food, life and adventure, and it's a highlight of my week to follow her travels to places I'd rather be.

- Kelly, Brisbane, Australia

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