101 jobs you can do anywhere in the world

Are you sick of working the 9-5? Do you need an adventure? Do you want to travel the world and get paid for it? Yes? You have come to the right place, I want to inspire you and open your mind to the amazing opportunities that await beyond your home shores!

Imagine being able to work from anywhere in the world, or working in an exotic location far from your homeland living the life you had always dreamed. Meeting new people, savoring new cuisine, experiencing new sights, sounds, smells... It is possible and the idea of this book is to get you thinking about different ways to make money!

After wandering the globe for the past 16 years I have been lucky enough to come across some amazing people who are doing wonderful, obscure, meaningful and sometimes just plain whacky jobs all over the world.

Some of these jobs are Freelance jobs and will allow you to be location independent and work from anywhere in the world, some will allow you to work overseas based in one spot on a great big adventure, some will even allow you to work from home if thats what you want!

So if you are stuck for ideas this book is for you, 101 jobs you can do anywhere in the world!

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'Such a great idea: I don't know why it took so long for someone to write a book like this. Literally and exactly as the title suggests, this book lists 101 jobs you can do anywhere in the world. It gives basic information on each one and suggestions about how you can get started; a great way to inspire if you're sick of your current job or incite action if you're about to start travelling.

Jobs range from the logical (english tutor, travel writer) to the zany (phone sex operator, dinner host) and everything in between. Don't expect a full blown chapter on each but do expect a one page summary that describes a possibility for you to make money. A great book to get you thinking about a world of possibilities - use it to decide on a list that might be suitable for you and the basics of what would be required, then use the links to get more detailed information.

A great read at this price, well worth a download! ' Nick - Australia

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I love her wholesome approach to food, life and adventure, and it's a highlight of my week to follow her travels to places I'd rather be.

- Kelly, Brisbane, Australia

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